An international music festival presenting high quality concerts and shows to a broad audience. The festival’s goal is to make the northern part of Norway an attractive travelling destination.

For more than thirty years the city of Tromso has been submerged in a musical extravaganza during the last week of January and beginning of February. Each year the Northern Lights Festival has presented top artists from a wide variety of genres ranging from early music to modern, opera to jazz and chamber music to symphonic orchestras. It is safe to say that the Northern Lights Festival is a festival that could be of interest for a wide ranging audience. Great international ensembles and artists like the Bolshoi, visit the festival every year combined with the best of Norwegian and regional artists.

The Northern Lights Festival is an Arctic music festival that presents quality music and dance. It is brave, magical and full of energy. It is inclusive, meaningful and where a broad audience can find entertainment they could never experience elsewhere in the region.