24th January - 1st February 2025


Aleksander og Maria Nohr: Kunstvisa

Stories have always been told through song and music. This concert takes us on a journey through different genres and expressions, all sharing the emphasis on storytelling. From the classical lied to songs originating much closer to home.

NOHR farger

Lieder, chansons, songs or folk tunes. All shares the same need to tell stories through music. When conveying the story is at the heart of the matter, the difference between the genres become insignificant.

Aleksander and Maria, siblings born and raised on the island of Kjerringøy in Northern Norway, have chosen a program consisting of their favorite songs from the romantic lied to the modern folk tunes from Northern Norway. Together they explore the wonderful textual richness of the modern folk tunes, and look at what the classical composition can learn from the unrestricted song of modern times.

Aleksander Nohr - song, Maria Nohr - song, Stine Maren Steien - piano, Ida Løvli Hidle - accordion

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Saturday 04. February

Kl. 19.00

Tromsø Domkirke

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