30 January – 6 February 2021


Amores do Rio - From Rio with Love

A Brazilian Bossa Nova night with a group of stars on the main stage.

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In the late 1950s, in Ipanema and Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, the musical style Bossa Nova started. It has its roots in both jazz and samba, and was played by both students and musicians in the area. Today, we know the Bossa Nova as the musical soul of Brazil itself that is impossible not to dance to.

On January 25 during the Northern Lights Festival, we invite everyone to a full Brazilian evening with an absolutely crazy collection of musicians and singers at Clarion The Edge.

Nova Onda, with Marit Sandvik in the lead, poses as a band. Together with them on stage they get the chamber choir Ultima Thule, musicians from Oslo Strings and members from Camerata Laranjeiras.

About Camerata Laranjeiras:

Since 2013, the Brazilian orchestra Camerata Laranjeiras has gathered over 100 Brazilian youth from different teams in Rio de Janeiro. Were Talented and committed musicians from the Favela has the chance to meet and develop as musicians. The project was started by German Karolin Brooch and her Brazilian husband Tiago Cosmo, who has actually lived in Tromsø for several years. Since then, the Camerata Laranjeiras musicians have played alongside acts as Sivert Høyem, Marit Larsen and Daniel Kvammen, in addition to appearing on a number of TV broadcasts both in Norway and abroad.

There is no doubt that the concert Amores do Rio will be a concert for the history books in Tromsø. Brazil comes to Tromsø with a musical love declaration from Rio de Janeiro.

The music is mainly based on Bossa Nova's premier star, Antônio Carlos Jobim, who is known for the songs "asguas De Marco" and "The Girl from Ipanema". This is music that people around the world recognize. It appeals directly to both the heart and body. What's better than getting a little closer to warm Rio de Janeiro when the sun has just returned to cold northern Norway?

The Concert has seating with tables


About Nova Onda:
The band, which was established in 2013, released its first full-length, the album Flor, in 2018. The music, a blend of their own original compositions with Northern Norwegian lyrics and melodies sourced from Brazil's rich music flora, has been met with praise from both Norwegian and foreign press. The mix of Brazilian and Norwegian music and language gives the band a distinctive expression, exotic and exclusive.

The band's six musicians all stand out as strong voices. Marit Sandvik has for many years been on the stage as a jazz singer and composer at international level, with several releases behind her and great recognition both at home and abroad. She led the bossa nova band Bossa Nord for 12 years.

With her she has Øystein Norvoll on guitar, Eirik Fjelde on piano, Simen Vangen on drums, Morten Stene on bass and Ola Asdahl Rokkones on saxophone.

The musicians' broad experiences of different styles give the listener an undefined and unpretentious blend of Brazilian earthy, life-giving rhythms and European-Nordic jazz, popular music and world music, airy, elegant and personal in expression.

About Oslo Strings:
Oslo Strings is a string ensemble consisting of four established Norwegian strings with classical education from national and international music colleges. In addition, everyone has broad experience in different genres and music types. As an ensemble they are innovative and modern. They improvise, choir and write their own arrangements.

Oslo Strings works actively to challenge the boundaries of where and with what a string ensemble traditionally operates. They constantly have new partners from different musical platforms, and are also widely used in the studio, both for film music and recordings.

Since 2013, Oslo Strings has travelled regularly to Brazil to teach and play concerts with Camerata Laranjeiras. In 2019, they were involved in Social Startup, an accelerator program run by Ferd social entrepreneurs.

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About Ultima Thule:
The chamber choir Ultima Thule was founded by Ivar Solberg in 1991, and has marked itself as one of Northern Norway's leading choirs. The choir has distinguished itself in several ways. It has a large number of large and partly groundbreaking projects behind it. Here can be mentioned JS Bachs Johannesspationen as full-scale opera set, Bach's Christmas Oratory in Norwegian, "100 Years of Broadway" as a full-night performance with direction, New music concert with, among others, Arne Nordheim's "Aurora", alternative Christmas concert called "Swingin 'Christmas", performance by John Surman's jazz cantata "Proverbs and Songs" together with the composer and "Erotic evening" with multi artist Carl Gustav Gjertsen.

Finstas i snøhaugen aller best

About Jonas Hammar:
Jonas Hammar (34) was born in Rio de Janeiro, where he has studied art and performing arts and has been an artist since 2006. His Swedish-sounding name he got from his mother who emigrated from Sweden in the 1960s. Hammar therefore spent a year in Sweden as a musician before returning to the stage in Rio as a singer and actor, where he has roles in several major musicals behind him. In addition to his own artist career, Hammar has also invested in a career as a choral conductor. He currently conducts six choirs in Rio de Janeiro, and is regarded as a very capable choir and singing teacher. Hammar particularly has his strength in rhythm, and will contribute master classes during his stay in the Arctic city.

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Margarinfabrikken, The Edge

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