27 January – 4 February 2023


Artist Talk

Five Leading Lights On the Norwegian Music Scene Share Their Insights and Philosophies.

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Four of the most accomplished artists and composers hailing from Tromsø in the Arctic region (with the addition of a Scottish fiddler), will in this session sit down and discuss all things pertaining to their art. The conversation will be based on topics such as how growing up in the arctic region has impacted their creativity, their musical philosophies, what inspires them to compose, their creative process their art, their thoughts on the music industry, and much more. You can expect a personal and insightful conversation between some of the leading lights on the Norwegian music scene, as they represent very different artistic expressions and musical genres, spanning the entire gamut from traditional Norwegian folk music to symphonic compositions, film music, jazz and more.

Jakop Janssønn is a musician and composer who is mostly known as a solo artist but he is also a part of the duo AvantGong. His debut album Bricoleur (2020) is described as «music from the north that encapsulates the whole world in its expression» by the Norwegian magazine Jazznytt. During this year’s festival there will be no less than two world premieres of Janssøns works: Vippepunktet and Mun Dajan Mii.

Ragnhild Furebotten
is known from the band Hekla Stålstrenga and as a regional musician for Scene Nord. She has been nominated for Spellemannsprisen (The Norwegian Grammy Awards) several times, and she won the award in the category folkmusic/traditional music for her solo album Never on a Sunday in 2011. During this year’s Northern Lights Festival Ragnhild will perform with Nordnorsk Jazzensemble.

Alexander Aarøen is a multi-instrumentalist from Balsfjord in Troms. He studied composition in Los Angeles and holds a master degree in film music from Dublin. Alexander has previously released the solo album Bivrost with The Arctic Philharmonic, and recorded his own compositions with the Hollywood Studio Orchestra. Nordlysfestival is honored to present the world premiere of his new work: Det beste i oss.

Juhani Silvola
is a musician, composer and producer, and he is highly accomplished in several genres, including folkmusic, jazz and electronic noise. Juhani is known as both a solo artist and as a part of the duo Summers & Silvola, receiving critical acclaim for their album releases. In collaboration with Sarah-Jane Summers he has written a new work titled «How to raise the wind» that will have its world premiere during The Northern Lights Festival 2022

Sarah-Jane Summers
is one of Scotland’s foremost fiddle players. She is currently situated in Oslo where she earned a masters degree in Norwegian folkmusic and improvisation at The Norwegian Academy of Music. Sarah-Jane plays both folk music, jazz and contemporary music and has received much critical acclaim as a solo artist and as a part of the duo Summers & Silvola. She has written «How to raise the wind» in collaboration with Juhani Silvola, and the duo will perform the new work with Scene Nord during The Northen Lights Festival.

The Artist Talk will be hosted by:

Stig Mathisen is a guitarist, teacher and author residing in Tromsø. He holds a masters and a doctoral degree in electric guitar, and has worked extensively in the USA for the past 15 years, leading the famous guitar program at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. Stig has written the majority of the core curriculum in daily use at the guitar program, and has been a frequent clinic holder at numerous events in the US. Over the years he has collaborated in several capacities with artists such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Scott Henderson and many others, and he has performed extensively in the Los Angeles area. Stig is currently the administrative leader at Kongsbakken Videregående Skole’s music, dance and drama department, and he teaches guitar at The Academy of Music at the Arctic University of Tromsø. More extensive information can be found at www.stigmathisen.com

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Sunday 30. January

Kl. 20.00

Bakrommet, Amtmandens

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