29 January – 6 February 2021


A Late Night Ballad

Old Northern Norwegian songs presented in a unique new form.

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Contra bass player Knut Erik Sundquist and the pianist Nils Anders Mortensen is two of Northern Norways best musicians. Both of them have actually won The Northern Lights Festival Award!

The Project “A Late Night Ballad” (En Smuk Aftensang) have been their heart project for several years now, and it is about time that the record is to be released.

The concert is inspired by the sweds Jan Johansson og Georg Riedels iconic album “Jazz in Swedish” (Jazz på svenska) from 1963, where they did their own versions of Swedish folk classics.

“A Late Night Ballad” is all about Northern Norwegian folk classics where they have done the same thing that Johansson and Riedel did. But it is not only jazz. You can find elements from techno, classic music, “pling plong” and beautiful pieces. You can evne find a heavy metal ballad!

Most of the songs have been found at Tromsø Museum. This is songs that not many have heard before, but the artist asure us that it is lovely songs.

The record has been recorded in Bodø. But the premiere is in Tromsø at The Northern Lights Festival!

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Saturday 26. January

Kl. 15.00

Lillescenen, Kulturhuset

Voksen: 250,-
Student: 200,-

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