24th January - 1st February 2025



What happens if you interpret Schubert on the basis that everything is allowed and anything goes? Singer Frank Havrøy and pianist Gunnar Flagstad did just that. The result was an album voted one of the best releases in Norway in 2021.

Gunnar Flagstad 11

Havrøy and Flagstad found each other through a shared passion for lieder. In recent years, they have delved deeply into Schubert's song cycle Schwanengesang - one of the composer's most famous and iconic works. They have used their entire musical toolbox in the rearrangement and interpretation of the work, exploring each idea and pulling the music in different directions. The Norwegian magazine Ballade described it as if "Havrøy and Flagstad have tricked Schubert into an Austrian pub. It's way past closing time, but they're still sitting there singing at the top of their lungs".

It is appropriate then, that we invite you to enjoy Schwanengesang at one of Tromsø’s best pubs.

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Thursday 02. February

Kl. 21.00

Bakrommet, Amtmandens

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