24th January - 1st February 2025




In the 17th century, Finnmark's population consisted of around 3,000 people. Over the course of three generations, nearly a hundred individuals were accused of witchcraft and executed. A systematic cleansing by the order of the king, carried out by the state and blessed by the church.

HAÍRESIS (αἵρεσις) is an ancient Greek word which means a system of ideas or principles, within politics, philosophy or religion. In the Christian context, the word is used about "heresy that leads to doom".

This unique performance combines storytelling and music, accompanied by an electronic soundscape creating an exciting audiovisual experience. Join Ida Løken Valkeapää on a journey through actual events and a piece of our shared history - The doom of those accused and executed.

On stage:
Ida Løken Valkeapää - actor/idea, Tone Åse - musician/composer
Team: Vardø Damekor, Lina Killingdalen - playwright, Hege Holte Østbye - choreographer/director, Rune Nilssen - visuals, Elisabeth Kristiansen - sculptor, Ingebjørg Liland - co-author, Peder Unger Weierholt - light design, Gry Anita Kristiansen - coordinator Vardø, Eirik Nicolai Heim - film photographer, Øystein Elle - artistic consultant

Photo: Jamie Bivard

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Monday 29. January

Kl. 21.00

Driv, SNN Scene

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