24th January - 1st February 2025


Madam Pysj: Harry Påtter (med Å)

Madam Pysj has created their own playful version of the famous wizarding school Hogwarts.

Harrypotter 22 23 kopi 1

In Harry Påtter (with an Å), it is not wizards, but magicians who are trained at Hogwarts. In this universe card tricks, coin tricks and saw-a-lady-in-two tricks are the most prestigious. But there’s a rumor that someone knows the the secret for a forgotten art - namely real magic.

Madam Pysj takes familiar and beloved stories, dismantles them, and puts them back together into something new and playful. When Madam Pysj puts on a performance, there’s an important thing they want to make perfectly evident: theater is fun!

Suitable for children from 6 to 100 years young.

NB! Madam Pysj also performs Star Wårs (with an Å) at the festival. Don’t miss out!

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Saturday 28. January

Kl. 12.00

Lillescenen, Tromsø Kulturhus

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