24th January - 1st February 2025


Madam Pysj: Star Wårs (med Å)

Madam Pysj presents "Star Wårs (med å)", a playful performance that takes neither itself nor the well-known space saga too seriously.


When the madams perform, it's not always easy – or important – to stick to the original story; the most important thing is to have fun. And sometimes, mixing up stories a bit can make it even better! And isn’t Star Wars very reminiscent of our own traditional fairy tales with knights, princesses, and sinister villains to overcome?

Children in the audience get to help the actors along when they travel to a well-known galaxy far far away, accompanied by lots of laughs and music. Whether you know Star Wars or not, this will be a fun ride!

Suitable for children from 6 to 100 years young.

Madam Pysj also performs Harry Påtter (with an Å) at the festival. Don’t miss out!

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Saturday 28. January

Kl. 14.00

Lillescenen, Kulturhuset

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