30 January – 6 February 2021


Men sola kommer i hvert fall tilbake

A contemporary musical science fiction from the year 2120

Natokonsert 003

With: Kari Slaatsveen, Army Music Corps and conductor Christian Eggen

It has long been wondered, and especially here in the north, that Møre and Romsdal, as a solitary spot on the globe, avoided climate change.

With us, the coastal cod disappeared, in Møre og Romsdal, salmon boiled in the farms and the trout sprang up the rivers after insects no longer remembered what looked like, here and elsewhere in the world.

Why? Was it with the hand of God? Was it the citizens' profit?

It has been impossible to find answers. We have carefully mapped out how the problems arose on the rest of the planet, how extreme forces ravaged land after country.

Frost gauge larvae ate up the birch forests throughout the Northern Calotas, chewing all the vegetation on the Varanger Peninsula. The reindeer disappeared. The eagle disappeared. Animal sounds from the sea and wide silence. There are tons of reports, tables and reports from every nook and cranny. But from Møre og Romsdal? Nothing.

Today, a hundred years after it was declared a global state of emergency, the world is constantly looking at Møre and Romsdal, hoping to find solutions, but there is no help. Why weren't Møre and Romsdal hit like the rest of the world was? So we stayed here north? You scratch your head.

The scientists are on the bare ground. Not even those who live there, those who today are considered the happiest of the globe, can shed light on the mystery. On the contrary, they do not understand everything about the fuss.

"What is it?" It says. "What are you talking about?"

This was expressed already in the oldest and perhaps most important historical document we have in this regard - namely the well-known Codex francus svus from 2020, which appeared during an attempt to catalog the remains of the audio archive belonging to our own Arctic University.

Codex frankus sweeps a sound recording where we hear the voice of a politician from the so-called county council in Møre og Romsdal. This recording is not only the oldest testimony that exists - it has been a hundred years, but we still have failed to track down other time-honors; thus, it is also the only authentic source we have from today's Møre og Romsdal, the closest we come to a contemporary depiction.

The sound recording was done by the then NRK - a kind of supranational company that used radio waves to disseminate information and information, in addition to what was called entertainment and culture, or sports, as it was also called.

Lyden av 2020 plakat v2

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