30 January – 6 February 2021


Schubert Lounge

Composer Eivind Buene believes that one of music history's greatest style creators was a singer-songwriter who improvised himself to the strong singing tradition we now call songs. Romantic toned poems with great emotion. Experience some of Norway's biggest stars from the classic field approaching the Franz Schubert icon in a whole new way.

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Eivind Buene is one of our leading contemporary composers. He grew up with pop music and envisioned Schubert in the 1970s singer-songwriter costume with a Fender Rhodes and the voice of a pop singer. The Northern Lights Festival in Tromsø and the ILIOS Festival in Harstad are collaborating on a set where some of Norway's biggest stars from the classic scene approach Franz Schubert unexpectedly. An elegant mix of new music, classic songs and pop aesthetics. Experience Oslo Sinfonietta, star conductor Christian Eggen, baritone Halvor Festervoll Melien and mezzo-soprano Tora Augestad who all contribute their personal interpretations of the icon Farnz Schubert's music.

Schubert as a pop singer is a fun allegory that has a lot going on. Schubert made amazing songs, he created what we call songs. Romantic, toned poems with great emotion. He died even when he was only 31, and thus fulfills the myth of a tragic artist's fate. Schubert extended the traditional piano accompaniment in the songs to an independent part of the works. Much of this came through hours of improvisation at house concerts, which was a social event in the early 1800s. "Schubertiades", they were often called, these collections. Around 200 years later, a young Eivind Buene in Oslo did the same, inviting friends and acquaintances at salon concerts. This is how the first round of Schubert Lounge was born. It was inspired by these house concerts that singer Halvor Festervoll Melien suggested that he and Buen should once collaborate as singers.

The arches are interested in the friction between different aesthetics and different ways of thinking. In the new work, Schubert Lounge, three music styles meet: Buen's own recontextualized version of Schubert's songs, Festervoll Melien's interpretation of Buen's newly written music based on excerpts from Schubert's diaries, and Tora Augestad's very personal interpretations of Schubert's songs. The musicians in Oslo Sinfonietta move between two worlds of pop and contemporary music. Since Bowen's debut 20 years ago, the ensemble has been an important representative of his music. In this work it is the first time they have performed together.

Oslo Sinfonietta is Norway's oldest active contemporary ensemble, and consists of freelance musicians and members of some of the country's most prominent orchestras, such as the Oslo Philharmonic, the Broadcasting Orchestra, the Opera Orchestra and the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra. The conductor and artistic director of the ensemble is Christian Eggen, who is one of Norway's most profiled conductors and music personalities.

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Thursday 30. January

Kl. 18.00

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