24th January - 1st February 2025


Trilltrall - jakten på melodien (In search of a melody)

For every person living on earth there is at least one unique melody. Some melodies are shared between generations, others are borrowed and some are forgotten. Suddenly one day one of the most popular and well-known melodies in the world disappears.

Unnamed 3

Where has the melody gone? Has it been lost in all the myriad of sound, or is it out there somewhere? We embark on a journey through a world of sounds and harmonies, in search of the lost melody.

This performance is based on the interaction between music, dance and drama. The newly composed music draws inspiration from various genres and combines both old and new music, from Viennese waltzes to samba rhythms. The performance allows children to explore their own musicality and creativity, and hopefully nourish the need to be creative and further explore the wonders of art and music.

Suitable for children from age 4.

On stage: Andreas Jara (cello), Phil Martin Mc Dermott (guitar), Marie Gårseth Gathe (actor), Ingrid Hatleskog (dancer) Costume design: Mia Koch Illustrations: Anne Elisabeth Frøiland, Anja Maria Nilssen Krag Artistic advisor: Ragnhild Thoring

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Sunday 29. January

Kl. 12.00

Lillescenen, Tromsø Kulturhus

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