24th January - 1st February 2025


Wooden Elephant - Kid A Recycled

Wooden Elephant are a contemporary classical string quintet who reimagine classic electronic-based albums and present them in their entirety as totally acoustic, longform contemporary classical concert works.

Wooden Elephant

On their website Wooden Elephant describes their own work:

Wooden Elephant’s 2018 recycling of Kid A takes the blueprint from their previous year's version of Björk’s Homogenic and pushes it to extremes. A whole new world of electronic sounds and atmospheres calls for a whole new set of extended techniques and additional objects, and so Kid A saw Wooden Elephant exploring the acoustic possibilities of — among others — handheld fans, bluetack, bathroom sink plug chains, paper, and power drills.

Ever since I first heard OK Computer when I was 12 years old, Radiohead have been one of the few musical constants in my life. Other bands and composers have come and gone, but Radiohead have always been there to inspire, move, and challenge me. So when PODIUM Esslingen asked us to make a follow-up to our version of Björk’s Homogenic, I decided to create my own tribute to my musical masters. And what better album than their career-defining surge into the world of electronics?

– Ian Anderson, Wooden Elephant

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Thursday 02. February

Kl. 20.00


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