24th January - 1st February 2025

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Join us in creating one of the winter’s cultural highlights in Northern Norway!

Nordens Paris 9

The volunteer registration for The Northern Lights Festival 2024 is now open!

To make a nine-day festival with over 50(!) events happen, we need help from you! We need volunteers.
We need you who are made to make a great experience for the audience, and you who can transport people and equipment from place to place. We need you who feel it’s important everyone get (at least) one cup of coffee a day. We need you who lives to document EVERYTHING. We need you who love music and the arts, and we need you who want to experience something new and have a good time. We need all of you.

Would you like to join our team and become a part of creating one of the most spectacular festivals in Northern Norway?

Fill out the registration in the link at the bottom of the page!

OBS! Make sure you read all the information on this page before filling out the form.
OBSOBS! It is important that you fill it out even though you’ve been a volunteer with us before.

As a volunteer you can expect:

And of course – A great time!

As a volunteer we expect this from you:

Description of volunteer tasks

As a volunteer with us you get to choose between different categories.

We cannot guarantee that you get the category you want, not all the categories need many people.

We also need people to do different tasks before, and after, the nine-days, so please let us know in the form if you are available for that.


Working with one of our staff members it will be your job to make sure the venues are ready for when the audience arrive. You will be responsible for a couple of other volunteers, and you make sure they know their tasks. This also involves a short debrief with the volunteers after the end of the show. As an arena host you can expect more responsibility and longer shifts than other volunteers. This will vary a lot between different venues and productions.


Transport of guests/artists and transport of goods, mainly to and from the airport.
Class B driver's license required. You use the Northern Lights Festival's own vehicles.
The transport team has two different categories, passenger transport and equipment transport. You get the opportunity to choose which one in the registration. Equipment transport may involve some heavier lifting.

Those who are on transport will initially be put on shifts of up to 8 hours each and a detailed list will come later.

Audience hosts

We need you who can be a welcoming face to our events. It will be your job to greet our audience and scan and sell tickets on cite before the concerts. Nordlysfestivalen and TIFF use TicketCo as our ticket provider. TicketCo has a very easy to work system for hosts, and you will be given a breif run through before the audience arrive.

We also might need you for other small tasks before and after the concerts.


We have a lot of guests/artists coming in from out of town, and we want to give them the opportunity to see some of Tromsø and the surrounding area in the short time that they are visiting.

For this task we need you who know the city well – either because you’ve lived here your entire life or because you are a great explorer! It is nice if you can provide some history, and maybe a crazy story about what happened at a corner in Storgata thirty years ago – or last week. We want you who love speaking to people and who knows where to grab lunch, and what you HAVE to see when you’re in Tromsø but don’t have much time. It’s a task you’ll have the opportunity to define a bit yourself and depends on what the guests have time to do.

Well-being and catering

Your task will be to make sure that everyone who’s a part of the festival has food and drinks availiable. You will be responsible for distributing the agreed upon food and drinks to the backstage area at all our venues. You also make sure the volunteers have snacks and drinks availiable, and serve and prepare a meal for the people with long shifts.
This year we have our festivalhub at Rådstua Teaterhus in Giisa - and this will be where you do your job. The shifts will be set up forup to eight hours.


Are you light on your feet and take on tasks head on? Then we need you. During the festival, it's hard to tell where it's burning. We need you who can jump up and get to where you're needed. When things are calm, you stay in the festival hub at Giisa, Rådstua Teaterhus and help with welfare and catering.
The shifts will be set up for up to eight hours.


It's not often - but sometimes things have to be rigged and moved. Do you have a body that can handle lifting? We need you! The shifts are usually short and intense, and will be set up as needed.

Register here

If you have any questions – please contact our volunteer coordinator Mali Ryeng Gove.

Mail: Mali@nordlysfestivalen.no
Tlf. 46933769

You can also reach us on our social media!

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