27 January – 4 February 2023


Cirque Du Solveig

Welcome to the circus where you will meet lions, clowns, cats, penguins and lots more!

Cirque du Solveig 9 liggende

A stranger has appeared at the circus. A young girl named Aurora Borealis has been found sleeping behind the clown's caravan. She has run away from home.

The Circus Manager decides to let Aurora join the show, which makes his daughter Solveig quite jealous. Solveig is intent on preventing Aurora from taking part...

Meanwhile, the ever cheerful Tikki Ticket is selling tickets, the magician is practicing his "rabbit out of hat" routine, the fortune teller is shuffling her cards, and the place is buzzing. This is going to be exciting, so don't miss out!

Suitable for children aged 3 to 100 years old.

In collaboration with Tromsø Kulturskole.

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Sunday 28. January

Kl. 14.00

Lillescenen, Tromsø Kulturhus

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