24th January - 1st February 2025



Kaipu bilde SH bruk dette

Kaipu means "longing", and the title describes the current situation with of the Kven culture. There is a longing for something that the people have lost. A longing for cultural expressions that once existed, but were not given the opportunity to be thrive and develop.

Kaipu combines old traditional Kven music with jazz-inspired improvisation to create new and exciting soundscapes.

North Norwegian Jazz ensemble: Arve Henriksen - trompet, electronics, Frida Lydia Hansen - vocal, Svein Schultz - bass , Viktor Wilhelmsen - guitars, Mariann Torset - organ, Aleksander Kostopoulos - drums, percussion, Adrian Danielsen - keyboard, piano, Louisa Palmi Danielsson – electronics, effects

Kven people are an ethnic minority in Norway. They are descended from Finnish peasants and fishermen who emigrated from the northern parts of Finland and Sweden to Northern Norway in the 18th and 19th centuries. In 1996, Kvens were granted minority status in Norway, and in 2005 the Kven language was recognized as a minority language in Norway.

Nordnorsk jazzsenter uredigert

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Wednesday 31. January

Kl. 19.00

Teaterkafeen, Hålogaland Teater

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