24th January - 1st February 2025


Sex Magick Wizards: Suola Ja Noaidi


After the critically acclaimed second album Your Bliss My Joy (Rune Grammofon, 2021), the band has conducted extensive touring activities in Europe and Norway. They now return with an epic, coherent work inspired by the traditional Sami poem Suola ja Noaidi (The Thief and the Shaman). Viktor Bomstad, Sigrid Aftret, Henrik Sandstad Dalen and Ingvald André Vassbø conjure up the ancient representation of The Thief and the Shaman through meditative grooves, psychedelic joik, raucous riffs and the band's own signature sound. Let yourself be seduced by classic rock, avant-garde improvisation and a sonic adventure the likes of which you have hardly experienced!

On stage: Viktor Bomstad (vocal/joik), Sigrid Aftret (saxophone/flutes), Henrik Sandstad Dalen (bass), Ingvald André Vassbø (drums/percussion)


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Tuesday 30. January

Kl. 19.00

Bakrommet, Amtmandens

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