24th January - 1st February 2025


The Games We Play

The Games We Play is a dance and parkour performance about the importance of play.

Intuit Jo Kyrra Skogstad

Parkour is an athletic, urban and acrobatic way of moving. In this performance, parkour and dance are combined to create a performance full of energy. The Games We Play is a tribute to the art of playing games.

With the help of a metal stand, a table, three chairs and a small ball, stories are told about friendship, fear, the playground, the schoolyard, the first fling, and the art of playing.

The performers are portrayed as equal regardless of gender; equally strong and unbound by classic gender roles and patterns. Prepare for a fast-paced experience!

On stage: Carl Giacomello Scharnberg (DK), Christian Døssing Storgaard (DK/ES), Martine Bentsen (NO/KOREA), Gerd Kaisa Vorren (NO).

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Friday 27. January

Kl. 17.00

Veitasenteret (underetasjen)

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