24th January - 1st February 2025



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Welcome to a serene experience in Tromsø Cathedral!

Dag Egil Njaa and Ingerine Dahl brings us the premiere of the piece Sei LUCE and a journey through Edvard Munch's artistry in the piece The Munch Room by Marcus Paus.

Where The Munch Room takes both its titles and inspiration from Edvard Munch's pictures, Sei LUCE becomes a kind of mirroring of The Munch Room, starting from the same architectural sound journey, but with looser frameworks and thoroughly improvised.

The interactive light dress made by Agnes Treplin provides a unique tool to improvise simultaneously with sound and light and the Muzziballs provide opportunities for interactive surround sound.

Marcus Paus(2023): “The Munchroom” (for Ingerine Dahl) Solo violin og electronics

1: "The Scream"
2: “Moonlight"
3: "The kiss"
4: “Madonna"
5: "Ashes"
6: "The Dance of Life"
7: "The Day After"
8: "Death in the Sickroom"
9: "Self-Portrait”

Duration: 30 min

Dag Egil Njaa & Ingerine Dahl: premiere of “Sei LUCE”

Improvisational soundscape

Duration: 30 min

On stage: Ingerine Dahl, solo violin, Dag Egil Njaa, live-electronics

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Sunday 28. January

Kl. 18.00

Tromsø Domkirke / Tromsø Cathedral

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