30 January – 6 February 2021


Arctic Pulse

Everyone is welcome when both The Northern Lights Festival and Arctic Frontiers invites you to a big celebration of Nordic artists. Here you can really get a taste of everything when Finnish, Sapmi, Swedish and Norwegian artists contribute 20-35 minutes of their repertoire at the mini festival Arctic Pulse.

Norrbotten NEO foto Marie Lundgren 16

Five concerts and one debate will take place at the citys student house Driv January 28 from 7pm.

This is a brilliant opportunity to take part in something social, get an insight of what is going on in the Culture Nordic Region, experience several brilliant concerts on the same evening and a very small introduction to what Arctic Frontiers and the Northern Lights Festival stand for.

8pm: Norrbotten NEO (SNN scene - seating concert)
8:45pm: Duvvene (Polar bear scene - sitting concert)
9:20pm: Fotefar and Pål-Are Bakksjø Trio (SNN scene - sitting concert)
10.15pm: Meänland (Polar bear scene - standing concert)
11pm: Huutajat (a.k.a. Screaming Men´s Choir) (SNN scene - standing concert)

Norrbotten NEO
The Swedish chamber music ensemble joins Arctic Pulse to convey Svante Henryson's music from the performance "Jag är tusen år" from 2013. The regional musicians work to convey contemporary music through their orchestra.

Svante Henryson started as a 12-year-old in rock bands, but quickly found the double bass just two years later. Already as a teenager he was a member of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, where after only one performance he was appointed soloist bassist of the orchestra.

He has since toured with Yngwie Malmsteen, Elvis Costello, Jon Balke and Anne Sofie von Otter.

"Jag är tusan år" was basically a performance in connection with the project "Rock-Art in Sápmi", which was part of the European Capital of Culture year in Umea in 2014.

Norrbotten NEO foto Marie Lundgren 16

Duvvene is a project signed by poet Rawdna Carita Eira and composer Håvard Lund. A song cycle of 10 songs in Southern, Lule and Northern Sami takes us to a bundle of islands in Nordland from Røst in the North to Torghatten in the south.

In this universe, it is the islands that tell. Islands and weather that are at the center of the breaking point between the crime lakes of the great world out there - and the safe fjords within.

They tell of the people they have seen, of courage and courage, of love and greed, of past and present, and a coast of change. About people who have lived side by side through millenniums. About ties being broken. The once strong and valuable seaside Sami culture in Nordland is almost invisible in 2019.

Together with a bunch of very talented musicians, we invite the audience to a musical voyage on the edge of the high seas. A tribute to all those who went there before us, and to those who come after us.

The production is initiated and financed by Troms county council at Culture in Troms.

Contributing musicians:
Inga-Máret Gaup Juuso - vocals
Niko Valkeapää - vocals
Edvard Sundquist - guitar
Marianne Halmrast - bass
Ingar Zach - percussion
Håvard Lund - clarinets


Fotefar og Pål-Are Bakksjø trio
On Monday 27 January during the Northern Lights Festival, Fotefar and Pål-Are Bakksjø trio will premiere at the commissioning work "Om & Men" at Verdensteatret under the Northern Lights Festival.

During the Arctic Pulse, parts from the commissioning work will be shown to the public at Driv.

Read more about the concert here.

Fotefar og PAB 3 Foto Jo Einar Jansen

The Meänland
The Meänland is inspired by artists such as Bob Marley and Sting. With lyrics in Finnish and meänkieli to relaxing tones and familiar rhythms, the audience will be taken on a spiritual and occasionally political journey - with a huge dose of humor.

Meänkieli means "our language" and is the national minority language in Sweden. It is closely related to Kven, and is often referred to as Kven's sister language.

With hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and one and a half million plays on Spotify, one can well call the Swedish reggae band a successful modern cult band that just has to be experienced. Here it is important to swing your body in the cold reggae landscape The Meänland has created in Northern Sweden.

Huutajat 01

The Finnish screaming ensemble was founded back in 1987 in Oulo. The idea was for 20 men in black suits to be trained to shout highly beloved Finnish songs.

On National Day of Finland, the choir was ready for their first performance, and the audience was paralyzed after an intense performance.

Following strong commendations in the Finnish press, the choir quickly expanded to 30 members. The breakthrough quickly made them known internationally, and the fine balance between intense impressions, humor and seriousness makes a live experience with Huutajat never easy to forget.

The group has held concerts virtually all over the world, performing their repertoire at rock festivals, chamber music festivals, jazz clubs, mountain tops, Olympic venues and wherever it is natural to listen to 30 Finnish men shouting and roaring famous songs.

Just go ahead and YouTube "Huutajat" to get a better picture of how amazing this really is.

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