24th January - 1st February 2025



Karianne Andreassen is a dance artist from Tromsø. In this performance she explores sensual experience of being underwater.


INN/TRYKK is a solo dance performance that embodies experiences from freediving in the Arctic. Through dance and text, Andreassen alternates between the concrete and the associative in an attempt to give a sensual experience of being underwater.

I think we can learn from experiencing the ocean anew. From a perspective where man is no longer the dominant species. We are the stranger, the new, the unknown, and I often feel that everything in the ocean is observing me as much as I am observing it: a frightening and exciting thought.

– Karianne Andreassen
Karianne 40

About Karianne Andreassen

Karianne graduated from London Studio Centre in 2015 with a 1st Class Honours degree and was awarded with The Most Outstanding Performance award in contemporary dance. She started her career in Edinburgh working with the late Janis Claxton and her work POP-UP duets: Fragments of Love. Since then she has worked internationally in various fields in the dance industry working with The Royal Opera, Mariinsky ballet, Simone Grøtte, KAMIENSKI.dance, Katma Teater and Hålogaland Teater to name a few.

As an artist Karianne is interested in the relationship between the performer and the spectator and how the physical body is interpreted in different performance spaces. She has a special interest in dance theatre, drawing parallels between the abstract and narration to create a unique physical stage presence.

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Monday 30. January

Kl. 18.00

Lillescenen, Tromsø Kulturhus

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