24th January - 1st February 2025



KLUMP2 Kred Nino Felbab

What kind of sound does a lump make? And how does it feel to have a lump in your stomach? This performance is a playful and musical dance performance where children can marvel at small, large, nice and bad lumps. In LUMP, children enter a quiet and poetic space where their imaginations can flourish.

Two dancers and a clarinetist transform the stage into a space for exploration: What does a lump feel like? Is it sticky or firm - and can some lumps make noise? Then there are the lumps inside us - what does it mean, for example, to have a lump in the throat? And why does it often feel lonely to have a lump in your stomach?

The performance is by and large RAUS dance theatre, an exploratory collective that likes to combine dance with physical objects. In LUMP, they collaborate for the first time with the clarinetist Fredrik Lade, who uses improvisation to create an intimate and personal setting.

The performance is suitable for children aged 3-7 years.

Duration: 25-30 minutes

On stage: Maja Freiberg and Rakel Øfsti Nesje (RAUS dance theater), Fredrik Lade (clarinet) Music: Nils Christian Fossdal Guidance: Siri Dybwik, Toril Solvang Lighting design: Thomas Lønning Photo: Nathalia Wiberg, Nino Felbab Video: Eduardo Scaramuzza

The performance has been developed in collaboration with RAS, Stavanger Chamber Music Festival, Elefantteatret, Rogaland county municipality, Sandnes municipality and Tom Wilhelmsen's foundation. Supported by the Culture Council, Stavanger municipality and Trafo


Thanks to support from Samfunnsløftet, we can offer free tickets to children under the age of 16 at this performance. You can pick up 3 free children's tickets per adult ticket.

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Friday 26. January

Kl. 17.00

Lillescenen, Tromsø Kulturhus

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