24th January - 1st February 2025



Svartstjerne illustrasjon

The album Blackstar was Bowie's farewell gift to the public, and was released just 2 days before his death. A musical inventory, with lyrics full of metaphors, riddles, poetry and literary references. The album has never been performed live. Now the public has the opportunity to experience the wonderful music, performed by Anneli Drecker and Kjetil Solberg with a large northern Norwegian band in the back. The urban rambling lyrics are delivered both in English, in Bowie's self-defined lingo and in sounding Northern Norwegian, rewritten by Johan Martin Aarstein.

Style creator, songwriter, lyricist, actor, painter and concept maker. But what really made David Bowie unique was that there is no audience too big or mainstream for his music. And also no geek environment that is too small. He reaches everyone, and he covers at least 3 generations. The album Blackstar was his last release. An album that was defined by many reviewers as a jazz album. For jazz people, it was a pop rock album, in which the American saxophonist Donny McCaslin played a central role. The day after Bowie's death, his friend and producer Tony Visconti said that Bowie's death was no different than his life. It was a work of art.

Det her eller ingenting, Du veit æ skal bli fri, Just som en blåtrost, Akkurat som mæ

– - Lazarus, re-poetry by Johan Martin Aarstein

Svartstjerne is a collaborative project between the Northern Lights Festival, ILIOS, Scene Nord and Musikk i Nordland.

All music and original lyrics: David Bowie

Music «Sue (or in a season of crime): David Bowie, Maria Schneider, Paul Bateman & Bob Bharma (Plastic Soul)

On stage: Anneli Drecker and Kjetil Solheim (vocals), Ingrid Marie Willassen, (violin), Agnieszka Orlowska (viola), Nikolay Girunyan (cello), Anders Eriksson (trumpet), Fred Glesnes (tenor sax, flute), Sondre Kleven (baritone sax , bass clarinet), Espen Elverum Jakobsen (guitar), Tore Nedgård (keyboard), Åsmund Wilter Eriksson (bass), Ole Morten Indigo Lekang (drums) Idea and production: Anders Eriksson Rewriting: Johan Martin Aarstein Bandmaster: Fred Glesnes Musical arrangements: Anders Eriksson and Fred Glesne Sound: Arild Johnsen

Thanks to the David Bowie Estate and a big thanks to Charlotte Hellström, Warner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB.

Photo Anneli Drecker: Jan Alsaker
Photo Kjetil Solberg: Daniel Mikkelsen

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