24th January - 1st February 2025


Where is my Glow up?

Where is my Glow up is about my perception of myself and how I see myself in the world.


Identity is most fragile during adolescence when appearance changes, evolves, and self-awareness increases. Puberty therefore brings with it a collective expectation to shine forth, especially in the physical sense, and especially now, in times when social media are part of our everyday lives. In the real world, identity is constantly evolving, and waiting for a flare is like chasing an ever-changing concept, an abstraction, it is fleeting and elusive. That's why waiting for the glow makes you tremble and creates uncertainty, especially when you're waiting for it and it doesn't come, or at least that's what you think.


Where is my Glow up encourage us to accept the fact that we all have some kind of uncertainty within ourselves, it is both a part of our own identity and that of our surroundings. In a way, our uncertainty unites us with our surroundings despite many differences. Our attitudes are what we will try to show during the dance performance and, in a sense, explain.

Created by BAT (The Back Alley Theatre) dance company from DanceLab DansensHus in Tromsø. The Performance was created and toured in Poland through EEA grant Norway summer 2023, now ready for premiere in Norway during the Northern Lights Festival.

Producer: Jarl-Tore Helmobakk, Choreograph: Anna Helmobakk, Music: Witold Jarosiński, Visualizations: Jędrzej Borkiewicz
Dancers: TBA

Photo: Pawel Fiejdasz

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Monday 29. January

Kl. 18.00

Lillescenen, Tromsø Kulturhus

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